Logic Pro Classes

Learn Logic Pro with Logic Pro Classes from Discosapien Academy of Denver

To inquire about Logic Pro classes please fill out the form on the right. Give us a call anytime to learn more about our program. Each Logic Pro Class includes six 90 minute lesssons of private instruction in our top of the line music production studio. Take a virtual tour of the studio here.

Logic Pro Topics

• Software Overview
• Sound Design
• Automation
• Sampling
• Mixing Techniques
• Beat Sequencing
• Instruments
• Session View
• Arrangement View
• Recording MIDI
• Recording Audio
• Editing Techniques
• File Management
• Signal Processing
• MIDI Effects
• MIDI Mapping
• Automation
• Envelopes
• Time Stretching
• Controllers
• VST Plugins
• Beginning Keyboard
• Intro to Music Theory
• Beat Sequencing
• Creating Basslines
• Creating Melodies
• Editing Techniques
• Mixing Techniques
• Promotion Techniques
• Record Distribution

Logic Pro Classes from Discosapien Academy will give you a detailed understanding of the techniques, theory and software plugins necessary to make studio grade music in Apple’s flagship DAW. Each of our Logic Pro classes is taught by a dedicated instructor who helps you achieve your goals. Each of our Logic Pro classes is taught at our downtown Denver studio near Sloan’s Lake, in our top of the line recording studio facility in Westminster or in the comfort of your home. For in home lessons there is an additional travel fee and in home lessons are only available in the Denver / Metro area. During Logic Pro Classes you will learn countless techniques regarding music theory and keyboard playing as well as how to bring the music you hear in your head into reality. You’ll also learn about beat sequencing and sound design as well as sampling, FX and so much more. Finally you’ll learn about recording audio and about mixing and mastering techniques. Take your passion for creating music to another level by learning to create, mix and master the right way from the start. After our Logic Pro or Logic X classes you will know all about the exciting world of music production and what the next steps are to take your music and share it with the world in a meaningful way.

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