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Take a Virtual Tour of our Westminster Facility

Take a Virtual Tour of our Denver Facility

Take a Video Tour of our Westminster Facility

In addition to being the primary teaching space for our lessons and courses, Discosapien Studios offers a full scale music production studio full spectrum of services including recording, mixing, mastering, original track production, post production and digital distribution. Students and recording clients alike enjoy acoustically designed rooms, beautiful relaxation spaces, stereo 15″ Genelec monitoring, 5.1 surround sound Adam monitoring, a genuine 2″ analog tape machine, a huge vintage outboard gear selection, top-of-the-line microphones, classic instruments and a dedicated team of engineers and teachers ready to serve. Discosapien Music Production Studio is the best place for producers, bands and artists to take their music out of the box and into a professional environment. While paying tribute to the larger studios in Colorado with overall acoustic design and gear selection, Discosapien Studios is all about providing an independent, personalized, affordable solution for anyone who wants a top quality facility to work on their music projects. Everyone from full bands to solo singer songwriters to electronic artists can find amazing tools at Elevation to craft and shape their sound into something truly unique. Through the combination of advanced technology and vintage electronics, Discosapien Music Production Studio has carved out a niche in the Colorado recording studio market that is modern yet timeless, retro future at its best. Take advantage of the spacious outdoor decks with pristine views of the Rocky Mountains or kick back in the lounge between sessions. At Discosapien Music Production Studio we are all about empowering artists to take their projects to the next level. Cut your band’s debut EP yourself rather than relying on the more expensive studios and run it through analog tape for that classic warmth you crave. Vocals, full bands or drum recording projects will be in great hands with the talented engineers on the Discosapien team. The affordable rates and relaxed environment offered truly sets Elevation apart from the big room studios, while the equipment and tuned rooms surpass any home studio environment. We truly offer the best of both worlds.

Music Production Studio Services

  • Audio Recording
  • Audio Mixing
  • Audio Mastering
  • Music Production Services
  • DJ & Music Production Workshops
  • Original Tracks for Singers & MCs
  • Music for TV, Commercial & Film
  • Voiceover Recording and Post Production
  • Analog Tape Recording & Mastering
  • Album Cover Design
  • Music Marketing Services
  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Social Network Development
  • Website Design
  • Digital Distribution
  • CD Duplication
  • Record Label Services
  • Music Promotion Services

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