Music Recording Classes

Learn to Record Music with Music Recording Classes from Discosapien Academy of Denver

To inquire about Music Recording Classes please fill out the form on the right. Give us a call anytime to learn more about our program. Each Music Recording Class includes six 90 minute lessons of private instruction in our top of the line music production studio. Take a virtual tour of the studio here.

Music Recording Topics

• Mixing Techniques
• Editing Techniques
• Maintaining Dynamic Range
• Equalization
• Compression
• Microphone Placement
• Stereo Width Panning
• Music Mastering
• Recording Studio Access
• Limiting Techniques
• Logic Pro Software
• Microphone Selection
• Outboard Gear
• Loudness Metering
• Recording Drums
• Recording Instruments
• Recording Vocals
• CD Creation
• ID3 Tags
• Equipment Recommendations

Music Recording Classes from Discosapien Academy will give you a basic understanding of the techniques, theory, software and hardware necessary to record, mix and master your songs into studio grade productions. Recording clear, crisp, clean instruments, drums and vocals is an essential part of the music production process. Recording, mixing and mastering techniques combine to give tracks the full bodied sound that our ears crave. Music recording classes are taught one on one by a dedicated instructor. Lessons typically meet once per week and you can continue studying with us for as long as you like. All classes are taught at our downtown Denver studio near Sloan’s Lake, in our top of the line recording studio facility in Westminster or in the comfort of your home. For in home lessons there is an additional travel fee and in home lessons are only available in the Denver / Metro area. During the music recording lessons you will learn advanced recording techniques in both hardware and software realms and an intro to compression, equalization, limiting, FX and much more. Utilize our microphone selection and knowledge base to bring your tracks to the next level. You’ll learn how to polish your songs into a professional quality release that will stand up to the music you’re listening to. After our music recording classes you will have insight into the exciting world of audio engineering and you’ll know what the next steps are to take your music and share it with the world in a meaningful way.

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