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Serato DJ lessons denver

To inquire about Serato DJ Lessons please fill out the form on the right. Give us a call anytime to learn more about our program. Each Serato DJ lesson includes 90 minutes of private instruction with a qualified teacher in our top of the line recording studio. Take a virtual tour of the studio here.

Serato DJ Lessons Topics

• Serato Software Overview
• Music Industry Overview
• Equipment Recommendations
• Music Acquisition Strategies
• Song Library Organization
• EQ Mixing
• Phrase Mixing
• Phase Correction
• Key Mixing Techniques
• Beat Matching By Ear
• Advanced FX Techniques
• Cross Genre Mixing Techniques
• Crowd Control
• Live Remixing and Mash Ups
• CD Deck and Turntable Mixing
• Beat Juggling
• Sample Deck Techniques
• Cue Point Techniques
• Looping Techniques
• Video Mixing and VJing
• Building A Set
• Recording A Mix
• Promotion Strategies
• Real World Performance Opportunities

Serato DJ lessons from Discosapien Academy will give you a broad understanding of the techniques involved with DJing and live remixing with the amazing Serato Scratch Live and Serato DJ software programs. Each of our Serato lessons lasts for 2 hours and is taught at our downtown Denver studio near Sloan’s Lake, in our top of the line recording studio facility in Westminster or in the comfort of your home. For in home lessons there is an additional travel fee and in home lessons are only available in the Denver / Metro area. During Serato DJ lessons you will learn the ins and outs of Serato Scratch Live on real turntables and CD decks. You will learn how to work with your favorite songs and videos in Serato DJ. You will learn controllerism techniques as well as analog mixing techniques on real turntables and CD decks. In Serato lessons you will learn how to utilize FX, EQ, cue points and loops to create a unique, original DJ performance. Finally you’ll learn how to take your DJ skills into the world and promote yourself in an effort to find gigs in the nightclub or festival scene. After Serato lessons you will know all about the exciting world of performing music in Serato Scratch Live and Serato DJ. Plus as a bonus the culmination of these lessons is a real world performance opportunity to open for your instructor in one of Colorado’s top venues.

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